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Why the elevator and escalator of Atis?

      The Atis Lift Company has a design and assembly license 

 √     Acquired license from the electromechanical union, elevator and escalator of Iran 

 √     Member of Association of Manufacturers of Elevator and Escalator 

      National Lift Standard from the Bureau of Standardization 

      Member of the Elevator and Escalator Syndicate of Iran

 √     Member of Iranian Chamber of Commerce

 √  The largest exhibition and permanent lift of the elevator and escalator 

    ISO-certified BSEN81 (Standard Elevator-Escalator-Lift)

 √   ISO 1006 Certification (Quality Management in Projects)

    ISO 1004 Certification (Customer Satisfaction Surveillance)

 √   ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management)

 √   Registration of the Atis and Atis brand


The use of quality components and reliable warranty is one of the most important in the elevator and electric industry. Using parts that lack quality and warranty can not only be dangerous, but can be too expensive for users at a very short time after the device starts up, and will make it difficult for you to get the standard. With the use of world-class science and the use of quality parts, including warranty and after-sales service, and lift service, regularly and every year’s standardized standard, elevator insurance and reliable warranty, this comfort will be provided to our customers. Ensure the use of the elevator and escalator of Attis and have no worries and spending time on this subject.

سرویس آسانسور – تعمیرکار آسانسور -ویتور – قیمت آسانسور – استاندارد آسانسور – پله برقی

Volks’s Elevator Package

The Volks Elevator is a German company operating in the field. Its excellence is a combination of a long history and skill of its staff and managers.

  • High Quality
  • Guaranteed Price
  • Guaranteeing the originality
  • Product warranty


wittur’s Elevator Package

The Wittur Group with the function of Holding GmbH Wittur, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of lift components, was founded in 1968. 

  • quality guarantee
  • Guaranteeing the originality
  • Guaranteed the best price
  • Product warranty


Fuji’s elevator and escalator package

Fuji has a very important manufacturing plant in the city of Hikone in Japan, and an escalator factory in toyooko .

  • Guaranteed the best price
  • Originality of the product
  • best quality
  • warranty of the product


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